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Trucking Spreadsheet – The transport and freight in United states is made mostly by the road. Whether with cars, trucks or buses, a good part of the operations of companies of all sizes depends on some level of the use of those vehicles.

The automotive market is one of the largest in United states and the movement of billions of reais a year with millions of vehicles being purchased annually both for personal use, but also a broad business use.

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That is why there are different types of controls that need to be done in the different fleets of vehicles that also have different uses. Some of them are:

Verification Maintenance Control
Fuel Control
Fleet Control Own
Control of Vehicle Purchase and Sale (for resellers)
Vehicle Rental Control (for leasing)

trucking spreadsheets

trucking expenses excel


Due to the demand and importance of this market, we created 3 different spreadsheets that can help you control your vehicles according to your type of business and I will demonstrate each of them quickly below.

1) Fleet Control Form of Own Vehicles
This form has been developed for companies that own their own fleet of vehicles. With it, you will be able to register all your fleet, all your drivers and register every trip every day with your own costs such as tolls, fines, fuel costs, etc.

She will help you do the preventive maintenance of your vehicles by notifying you when an item needs to change and also keeping your costs up to date. Automatically, it will generate general and individual reports by automobile that allow you a super professional management!

2) Worksheet for Purchase and Sale of Cars
This is a worksheet focused on the car buying and selling market. It is perfect for those who own a car shop and want to reliably manage their sales and commissions.

With it, you can register all your vehicles and potential buyers. Each time a sale is made, the spreadsheet will calculate your earned commission automatically and generate a cash flow of your result monthly.

3) Car rental form
Finally, another important use of vehicle control can be seen in car dealers. This is a type of business that has grown a lot in recent decades and also needs an even more rigid control, because you must always know who each of your cars is with.

With this worksheet, you can register all your fleet, your suppliers, clients and manage each rental with daily, delays, fines and much more. Automatically, you will have performance reports for each car and also the monthly financial performance of your business.

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