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Self Employed Spreadsheet Template

Self Employed Spreadsheet Template – If you are self-employed, do not stop keep an eye on the following Excel templates for self with which you gain time, efficiency and productivity costs scoring, performing accounting or taking inventory.

Excel is one of the most complex and difficult to use programs in the Microsoft suite, but if you are self-employed or freelance you have many features to offer from keyboard shortcuts, formulas and ability to solve all kinds of fundamental tasks in your exercise professional: calculate the VAT to make an invoice, plan your pension plan or keep your domestic accounting up to date.

9 essential tricks in Excel to be more productive
Contrary to what many think, Excel is more than just a handful of spreadsheets, being an extremely useful program with incredible capabilities to solve all kinds of problems, organize valuable information, optimize your time, create visual graphics, plan your calendar delivery or your work schedule, set up a planning goals, spread ideas, plan your trip or create a customizable CRM.

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Self Employed Spreadsheet Template


Excel Finance Templates
The self-employed must handle every day of all kinds of financial information, prepare budgets, compare suppliers’ prices, calculate ROI, know how much money goes in and out of their business or have income and expenses on hand. That is why all templates are useful, such as the ones listed below.

Control of expenses
Monthly annual budget
Simple and compound interest calculation
Calculation of tir and van
Cash flow
Calculation of working capital
Expenses with credit card (simple version)
Portfolio analysis
Financial ratios
Comparison of supplier prices
Loan repayment
Income and expenses
Cash control
Savings goal
Calculation of ROI
Portfolio Management
Control of entry and exit of money
Calculation of return in actions
Control of membership fees
Portfolio optimization
Repayment period (payback)
Projections for Entrepreneurship
Financial projections in excel
German and French system amortization
Decision to buy or rent a property
Calculation of value at risk
Purchase in installments vs. cash purchase
Z-score value analysis

Excel budget templates
In the field of budgets for self-employed, Excel allows you excellent possibilities when preparing work budgets, planning purchases or inventory. Download the best budget templates below.

Budget sheet
Monthly annual budget
Marketing budget
Business expenses
Sales budget
Purchase planning
Work Budget
Budget of Revenue and Costs
Training budget
Budget, inventory and collection management
Templates to prepare your company’s budget
Party budget

Excel templates for accounting
In the field of accounting, the Microsoft program allows you to make accounting balances, calculate cash flow or capture your balance sheet status.

Statement of financial position
Bank reconciliation
VAT settlement
Daily book and ledger
Balance sheet
Salary settlement
Accounting Balance
Check Register
Bank reconciliation
Calculation of unit cost of import
Cash flow
Calculation of working capital

Excel sales templates
If you want to make a sales plan, a payment forecast, an invoice report, the processing or the sales commission calculation, these are your templates.

Excel templates for inventory

Bill collection control
Price list
Invoice report
Sales deviations report
Price list in different currencies
Projected Payments
Sales plan
Calculation of commission by seller
Weekly sales
Price list
Online sales tracking

Excel templates for inventory

Inventory is an essential part of every business. Therefore, you will find free Excel templates for freelancers that will allow you to solve problems such as stock, billing and cost, inventory control or the management of perishable products.

Excel templates for inventory

Stock control
Inventory control
Management of perishable products
Stock of hacienda
Budget, inventory and collection management
Stock, billing and cost
Inventory retail method
Hardware inventory
Gross profit method
Management of perishable products
Budget, inventory and collection management
Wine inventory
Stock valuation peps
Stock of hacienda

Excel Excel templates

In the field of economics, the following templates will help you measure consumption decisions and indifference curves, calculate the real exchange rate or determine the balance between supply and demand.

Excel templates for inventory

Calculation of TIR and VAN
Calculation of variable costs and fixed costs
Balanced between supply and demand
Balance of competitive firm and industry
Law of diminishing returns
Production function and costs
Calculation of the real exchange rate
Calculation of substitution effect and income
Consumption decision and indifference curves
Monopoly balance
Market balance with tax
Balance of competitive firm and industry

Excel templates for expenses

If you want to record company expenses, expenses with a credit card or control of entry and exit of money, enjoy the following Excel templates.

Autonomous Excel Templates

Control of expenses
Employee expense report
VAT settlement
Control of entry and exit of money
Business expenses
Kilometers registration and reimbursement
Expenses with a credit card
Vehicle expense calculator
Income and expenses
Savings by cutting expenses

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