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Linen Inventory Spreadsheet


Linen Inventory Spreadsheet – All hotels must manage their inventories, these are divided into recyclable and non-recyclable.

Recyclable Inventory: Includes linens and most of the equipment like cars, vacuum cleaner and others. Recyclable supplies are plates, ironing tables, cots and refrigerators that the guest may need during their stay. The housekeeper is responsible for its storage and operation as the shipment when it is required. The number of recyclable items that must be on hand to ensure a good operation is expressed as Par number (even number). Par, refers to the number of items that must be on hand to perform daily tasks. For example a pair of linens is the total needed to attend all the rooms, two pairs of linens is the amount needed to attend twice all the rooms and so on.

Non-Recyclable Inventory: Includes supply of cleaning, supply of guests and amenities. Non-recyclables are used in the course of the operation. The level of inventories is related to a system of purchase orders based on two figures: Minimum quantity and maximum quantity.

master linen inventory control sheet

Linen Inventory Spreadsheet



It is the necessary amount of inventories suggested for the operation.

For recyclables it is measured in terms of (Par number) number of pairs and for non-recyclables it is measured in terms of Maximum and Minimum


Along with the staff is the highest ruble in the department. The housekeeper is responsible for: maintenance, control, storage, use and replacement.

Class of Linens:

• Bed

• Bathroom

• Linen

How the Par Levels of Linos is established:

It is important to establish the necessary number for all kinds of linens used in the hotel, since a low stock will produce an operation with setbacks and a rapid wear of the linens and a very high one will produce waste.

For your calculation you must take into account:

• The linens that are in the rooms

• Those who are resting

• Those who are in the laundry

For this you should also consider:

• Washing cycle or frequency

• Linen replacement

• Emergency situations

EXAMPLE: How is the pair of stock calculated for King-sized runs and that there are 300 King beds on your property?

linen inventory spreadsheet free templates

Linen Inventory Spreadsheet



It is a decision of the management if it is done every day, every other day or every third day. In the United States, some hotels are using a leaflet asking the guest to decide. In any of the situations, a study of the pros and cons must be made.


Keep track of how many have been sent to the laundry and how many have been received. The communication with the head of laundry avoids excessive amount of linens or stains in their storage.


Laying should be at least 24 hours in storage, before being used. This helps to lay the lines and there are no iron marks

The storage place should have ventilation and should not be humid. Its storage must be done by classes.

There must be security measures in the guards and in the housekeeper’s room.


The occupation report is the basis for the housekeeper to give each waitress the number of lines needed to do the daily tasks. Some hotels carry the record of the linens removed from the rooms by color, class quantity for the shipment to the laundry and this must be consistent with the reception report.

At the end of the day a person of housekeeper stores the linen provided by the laundry and only leaves the necessary amount. The supervisor should periodically check that this is done.

Have a specific place to place the damaged lingerie so that it is not used. Then the person in charge will keep a record of the kind of damages that are presented, what linen is treated (cover, savanna, towel) is also noted in which linen was found and what waitress found it. This record will serve as an inventory tool.

The same procedure will be carried out with the linen, with the only difference that it will be counted in the night for the shipment to the laundry the next day.


It should be done at least once a month, as much as possible at the end of the month so that it throws useful data of cost and be able to monitor the budget.

The need to replace the lingerie with the inventory, this inventory will be done by the housekeeper and the laundry manager. In large hotels, other executives are asked for help and the count of a certain item is assigned to a person.

This inventory will be made at a specific time that does not affect the movement of laundry and housekeeper; that is why the most convenient thing is in the afternoon, when the rooms have been fixed, the laundry is finished, the linens are already full, the chute is unoccupied and the cars are in place.

To make the inventory you must determine the sites where the linens are found; to accurately calculate the count according to class, size and colors. Once the information is obtained, the data is passed to the final inventory and the information is totalized. Once this support is finished, it is sent to the manager or the comptroller


The location of the inventory is written in the previous format.


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