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Google Spreadsheet Gantt Chart

Google Spreadsheet Gantt Chart – Managing your projects well is just a matter of organization. Planning tasks and activities, monitoring deadlines, resources allocated, … these are all elements that each project leader must govern. Elements so fundamental that there is a tool specifically dedicated to this management : the Gantt chart. You want to know what’s in it for him ? How to create it ? How to follow ? Or what software is available ? Follow the guide !

Google Spreadsheet Gantt Chart

Google Spreadsheet Gantt Chart

Google Spreadsheet Gantt Chart

What is a Gantt chart ?

Like all inventions, the name of this task planning tool comes from the name of its creator, This Is Henry Gantt. The latter was not originally intended to create such a tool : first as a teacher, then as a cartoonist, he turned into an engineer in mechanics and organization. It was there that he assisted Taylor and in 1910 he developed his famous diagram to improve the organization of the workshops. It is therefore efficient for simple projects, less so for larger ones. It is thanks to the contribution of Morgan Walker and James Kelley, who in 1957 developed the Critical Path Method (CPM) to manage projects with a large number of tasks, that the tool is now usable for all types of projects. It is so successful that it is still the most effective way to identify the activities needed to carry out its projects.

Symbolized by an orthonormated marker that combines the list of activities (ordered) with the units of time (X-axis), it allows you to easily visualize all the planned tasks of a project and their deadlines. Thus, for each activity there is a duration represented by a rectangle which is more or less long depending on the Working Time previously allocated to it. Each of its tasks can be linked to resources (human or material resources), connections (a task, for example, can only start if the previous one is completed), dates (of start and end) or a state of progress.

Simple to use, convenient to update, and easily understood by experts as neophytes, the Gantt chart is today used by the vast majority of project managers, all sectors combined.

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The value of the Gantt chart

If the tool has become so popular in the world of project management, it is not for nothing : it does indeed offer many advantages. Some examples…

It is adaptable to all
Since each project involves milestones, activities, time frames and target dates, the Gantt chart can be used for all activity areas.

It facilitates understanding
Representing complexity with simple visual elements allows everyone to better understand it. Everything becomes easier with pictures !

It helps to plan
Exceeding deadlines is often a common feature of Project Management. Determining a duration for each activity to be carried out and giving them a deadline makes it easier to visualize the total duration of the project.

He structures thoughts
Five, ten, thirty … sometimes a project has many tasks to complete. Sometimes even so much that one does not know by which end to trade ! The Gantt chart helps to reference which tasks are necessary to accomplish and which order to give them.

It improves the organization of work
Having a complete vision of the project structure positively impacts the work Organization of all project members. The critical path allows to get a better approach of what is to be done, what is urgent or less, possible delays on the basic planning, etc.…

It is dynamic
Who has not been confronted one day with a planning change that has upset the entire project organisation ? Who hasn’t experienced the tedious and staggered updates one by one all the dates and deadlines of a project ? The Gantt chart, dynamic, automatically recalculates the dates and times of each task when one is modified.

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