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Free Church Tithe And Offering Spreadsheet

Free Church Tithe And Offering Spreadsheet – It is very important that churches generate and maintain a meticulous financial record. These records can be used to control current expenses and compare them with unexpected expenses, such as repairs to the sanctuary or vehicles. If your church carries out social programs, such as “No más atado” or “Escardar y sembrar”, you can also use these financial records to request a state or federal subsidy.

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Free Church Tithe And Offering Spreadsheet


Create categories and track expenses to Free Church Tithe And Offering Spreadsheet

Step 1
Create thematic categories. Open a blank spreadsheet In column A, starting with row 2 (cell A2), write the titles of the expense categories. Bold these titles by pressing the “Ctrl” and “B” keys on your keyboard. As an example, you can write “Salary expenses”. Under each heading, write the name of a specific expense but do not do it in bold. Put a detailed expense in each row. For example, under the “Salary Expenses” category, you can have “Pastor John Doe’s Salary” in cell A3, “Salary of the secretary of the church” in cell A4 and “Salary of the organist” in cell A5. Leave a blank space between each category. Another title to write in bold can be “Office supplies”. As a detailed expense, you can write “Photocopies” in cell A8, “Envelopes” in cell A9 and “Stamps” in cell A10, under the heading “Office elements”. Create a category and write the detail of each payment or expense that the church has throughout the year, even if it is a one-time expense.

Step 2
Record all funds received from the collection to the faithful. Leave two rows blank after the last expense detail. Create a category titled “Tithes and offerings” and apply the bold format. There he records the funds received during Sunday and the weekly services.

Step 3
Create tracking dates. Write the name of each month, starting with “January”, at the top of the spreadsheet, from Column B Row 1 (cell B1) to follow up monthly. For example, after writing “January” in cell B2, write “February” in cell C1, “March” in cell D1 and so on, until you have written all the months of the year in row 1, a month in each column.

Step 4
Set limits Write “Annual Budget” as the column title in cell N1. Enter financial expense limits for each expense category in the Excel spreadsheet, starting in cell N2. Enter a spending limit or budget for each category related to the church. In cell O2 write the heading “Total expenditure” and, in cell P1, write “Expense against budget”.

Step 5
Enter formulas. In cell O2, enter “= SUM (B2: M2)” to track funds in the first category, from January to December. Copy and paste the formula in the rest of the cells in column O, for each expense category. In cell P2, write “= O2-N2” to control the expenditure made compared to the established budget. Copy and paste the formula in the rest of the cells in column P for the other expense categories.

Step 6
Controls monthly expenses according to the budget. At the beginning of each month, enter the exact amount of money that was spent in the church for each category and detail of expenses. Check the updates of the formulas in column P, which do the calculation automatically and show you the social expenses of your ministry and community, contrasting them with the annual budget.

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