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Employee Relations Tracking Spreadsheet

Employee Relations Tracking Spreadsheet – It is a process used by companies to effectively manage all interactions with employees, ultimately, to achieve the objectives of the organization. The human resources department can play a key role in this process, both in terms of training and coaching managers and executives on how to establish and foster relationships with employees and in measuring and monitoring those relationships to determine if they are being met the objectives effectively.

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Employee Relations Tracking Spreadsheet

Identification of Objectives

Managing employee relations is a general term that means a lot of different things to many different people. First, it is important to define what is meant by employee relationship management and, in particular, what areas of the relationship will be managed. For most companies, relationship management focuses on items such as attracting and retaining employees. Common measures of the effectiveness of these relationships include time to hire, turnover and employee satisfaction.

Determination of employee needs

It is not enough to assume that a company or even its human resources professionals know what is important for employees. Needs vary greatly depending on the characteristics of the employees – age, gender, etc. – as well as the type of work that is performed. It is a good idea to know directly from the employees what their needs are. You can do this in one-on-one conversations that take place informally throughout the year, during formal employee assessment meetings, and through surveys and surveys that can provide a quantitative indication of needs of the employees.
Balance the needs of work and life
There is widespread recognition in the 21st century that effective employee relationship management requires consideration of the entire employee. This means taking measures to ensure that the needs of employees’ working lives are well balanced. This can occur through the provision of creative staff that could involve part-time, flexible schedules or even off-site work assignments.

Open and honest communication

Communication is essential for the establishment of solid employee relationships. Managers should be committed to communicating regularly and honestly with employees about issues that affect their work. The more open organizations can be, the more likely you are to establish strong relationships that lead to an increase in loyalty and productivity among employees and decreased turnover and dissatisfaction.

Measurement and monitoring of results

Effective management of employee relations requires constant attention. That means that managers and their human resources departments must be alert at all times to detect signs of discontent, which can be subjective, as well as carefully monitoring the results of more formal evaluations. These results must also be shared with employees. All too often employees are asked to complete the surveys and are not informed of the results – or what will be done with the results.

The interpersonal relationships are:

Ultimately, employee relationship management requires the same skills and processes necessary to manage any relationship; A clear understanding of the needs of employees and the desire to meet those needs is essential. Next, the necessary steps must be taken to interact effectively with employees through a variety of communication channels, both interpersonal and formal (for example, the intranet site, employee newsletters, etc.). Finally, the measurement of the effectiveness of these efforts must be frequent and continuous, with improvements and adjustments made when the results do not show a continuous improvement or satisfactory levels of performance.

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Employee Relations Tracking Spreadsheet


Take note of these simple ways to foster positive relationships with employees:

1. Communication. Basic in any relationship, also in the workplace. Employees spend many hours at their place of work and that is why it is very important that they feel comfortable with their bosses. For this to happen, keep an open communication with your employees, let them know that you are there to speak when they need it and what they need. Also, be transparent as to what you expect and need from them. Open communication is essential for building a healthy and positive relationship.

2. Recognition. A few words of appreciation and recognition of a job well done go beyond what you can think. Gratitude means a lot to the employees and reinforcing a job well done encourages them to continue like this. Public recognition is also highly valued by workers.

Another way to reward your effort is through rewards and economic incentives such as checks or gift chests.

3. Feedback. Employees need to get feedback on what they are doing. Knowing what they are doing well or what they should improve is essential to nurture a positive relationship between boss and employee.

4. Development. Show your employees that they matter to you beyond a tab number. Invest in them. Encourage training and personal and professional development programs that interest them. Make them see that you value them as the people they are and not as a worker who invests 8 hours of your day in your company. Social benefits and training opportunities are great tools to keep your workers happy and committed.


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