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Crossfit Programming Spreadsheet

Crossfit Programming Spreadsheet – Not everyone who does CrossFit is preparing to compete. In my opinion, CrossFit programming is no different to programming for any other sport or sports competition.
Sport evaluation

Basically, the coach has to understand the analysis of the fundamental movement of the sport. The understanding of the required movements helps to develop a wide range of exercises, we must understand the ranges of movements of each exercise, its functionality and the objective of each exercise.

The most important thing for me is that the coach must understand the most common injuries for each sport. The rates of injuries are one or the other depending on the sport and for each gender. Update and not stop studying, because the quality and purity of the training has to be the best for our athletes, and this will only depend on the great range of dedication of our Coach.

Crossfit Programming Spreadsheet

Crossfit Programming Spreadsheet

crossfit programming spreadsheet

Athlete evaluation

Creating a personalized profile for each athlete who trains in our Box may seem like a daunting task, but for a 19-year-old soccer player, his training and sensations will not be the same as those of a 49-year-old man; Has no sense. The evaluation of each athlete’s age and history is important. A personalized record with a history of injuries is an easy paperwork, but an understanding of the injuries each athlete has is not; That is why the role of coach is more than that, we do not want an athlete who is 1 year training hard and 2 years injured, or who carries an injury due to poor planning or little interest towards the injury. What are the goals of the athlete? The programming should be about making all the athletes, adaptable as possible so that they have the ability to excel in each WOD.

Analysis of movement

Movement of the extremities and muscular involvement.

Physiological analysis

Strength, power, hypertrophy and muscular resistance.

Analysis of injuries

The most common sites for joint and muscle injuries and the factors that cause such injuries.

Training frequency

The coach must consider the load of the sports season, the athlete’s or group’s status. The frequency is nothing more than the accumulated training load throughout the week, the phases, the order of the exercises, the sequences of the exercises.

Repetitions and loading

It is important to quantify the amount of mechanical work or the degree of metabolic demand, in order to plan the variation of the training program. Volume is usually the total amount raised in a training session. In muscular resistance it is usually higher in repetitions and a lower weight and vice versa.

Rest day “rest day”

We must incorporate days of rest in the programming. Many times the athletes do not want to rest, so most of the time the coach must program or advise the athlete to rest; rest is essential, it will be the maximum benefit for training and its performance.

“As coaches, our work requires a lot of dedication and maybe a few headaches. It’s more than sitting for an hour on the computer and writing the WODs for the month or weeks or days; we have to think about our clients, athletes, what their objectives are as athletes, when it comes to a group it is about finding that intermediate point that makes the group is enjoying and working at the same time.

wendler strength program crossfit spreadsheet

strength program crossfit spreadsheet


We have to think about the future, not only in the present, we have to find the most intelligent programming in order not to hurt our athletes, but to give a boost to that progression that we all seek, patience and time, sport is a art, where we are the brush and they the painting. We have to have patience with ourselves, in life everything comes, everything happens, everything changes. ”

Crossfit Programming Spreadsheet

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