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Crop Budget Spreadsheet

Crop Budget Spreadsheet – The Excel template for Crop Budget margin calculation obtains the yield of the crop according to the production and the costs associated with it.

Characteristics of the template

  • It has a drop-down list for supplies, tasks and marketing that can be modified.
  • Calculate total costs and revenues.
  • Obtain the margin in dollars.

Agricultural Margin Calculation
The margin formula would be equivalent to:

Agricultural Margin = Income – (Direct Costs + Indirect Costs)

* Where the income is the price per yield.

In the administration of an agricultural company it is important to analyze the available economic information to make productive decisions and thus make planning.

Additionally it can be used to evaluate the convenience of renting or leasing a field or not. Based on the expected income, production costs (crop and administration) and the profit sought, the maximum lease payable can be determined.

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