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Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet

Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet – How many contracts do you manage every day? How demanding is dealing with all the procedures of a contract? With the Contract Management solution Spreadsheet Contract Management can capture contract data, such as contract clauses and notice periods; established deadlines and reminders of expiration, renewal or the date of revocation. With Contract Management it also has its own document storage system, a structure that shows the members involved and several input fields for the capture of contracts. Make contract management an easier and more intuitive procedure and increase the productivity of your team!

templatesContract Management Excel Spreadsheet

Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet


Benefits of Contract Management Spreadsheet Contract Management

Management of all types of contracts
We are happy to say that the Web-Client is a complete and innovative software. We believe to be the ideal partner of legal professionals. With it you can manage all types of contracts: from notifications of expiration dates, renewal or revocation of the contract; special agreements, special instructions and provisions relating to the contract; grouping of contracts, and many others.

Contracts always updated
We know how many versions and changes a contract can have, how many years can pass without a final decision. With the Web-Client you have access to all versions and changes, made from the first to the last year of the contract, quickly, easily and safely.

Organize tasks, team members and deadlines
It was never so easy to organize and distribute tasks for your colleagues and departments, control and define deadlines, events and notices. With the Web-Client, it will be impossible to lose an event or have communication failures between departments and colleagues internal or external to the company.

All your contracts and documents in a single platform
What is the greatest advantage of having all your contracts and documents in a single platform? Quick, easy and safe access! A true optimization of your time, the considerable increase in your productivity.

Available anywhere, anytime
Have you ever needed to consult a contract outside the office? The Web-Client is a partner always present 24h! Access all your contracts and documents, in a single platform, quickly, easily and securely … anywhere, anytime!

Integrated functions that facilitate procedures
We know the complexity and demands of the work of a legal professional, that’s why, we want to help make your work lighter. In the Web-Client you have access to all the work tools you need. From the automatic calculation of the expiration dates, renewal and revocation of the contract and of the termination periods; simple or detailed analysis of contract information; Lists and evaluations can be printed or exported in Excel, PDF or CSV format; automatic email notifications (notification of the expiration date of the contract to all members related to the contract).

Find a specific contract in seconds
Do you want to end the immense time it takes to find contract # 11005? The Web-Client is the ideal companion! Access all your contracts and documents in seconds, quickly find what you are looking for through our search filters.

Fully customizable
Contract templates, editable fields, configurations. Your company will not need to adapt to the Web-Client, because our software adapts to the needs of your company! Create and edit the fields and contract templates you need, make changes and select the colors, backgrounds and tabs of the platform. Everything possible due to the modules of our system!

Security guaranteed with our state-of-the-art technology
Since 1986, when we seek to offer the most effective and infallible data security, we are happy to ensure that we fulfill our promise. Spreadsheet Contract Management software is developed based on the most advanced security technologies, guaranteeing unparalleled reliability. Our clients, some large German banking institutions, are our greatest witnesses.

microsoft excel contract management template

Contract Management Excel Spreadsheet


Make the Register of Customers, Sellers and Types of Contracts.
The first step of the worksheet is the registration of customers and sellers that you want to associate with your contracts, in addition to the types of contracts you will manage.

Make the registration of contracts.
Enter the main information about each contract as effective date, expiration date, responsible seller, among other items and see a control of the expiration and renewal of contracts.

Contracts Analysis Panel
Accompany a control panel on a single screen with the main indicators related to the administration of your contracts.

Analyze a contract briefly!
Choose a contract of your choice and do an analysis with your main information.

Verify contracts receipts monthly.
Have an overview of the values ​​received for each of the contracts registered month by month.

Show the result of all contracts registered in your spreadsheet.
Through the general report, you can analyze all the contracts you registered in the spreadsheet.

Analysis report by vendor or client
Choose a customer or seller and see the main information related to closed contracts and securities traded monthly.

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