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Car Maintenance Checklist Spreadsheet

Car Maintenance Checklist Spreadsheet – The Federal Trade Commission states in a safety report and vehicle maintenance that it can detect common problems of vehicles by using the senses: “visually inspect the vehicle, hear if there are strange noises, feel the difference in behavior of the vehicle or even perceive unusual odors “. These are 10 security controls that you can perform. The first five are recommended when the car is new (and still with warranty, within four years); It increases five years in case your vehicle has no warranty. Acquire the habit of checking that everything is in order.

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General Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Template


Do not rely on a visual inspection only. Use a good meter to check them. The radial tires of today are a little low because the tread is crushed at the bottom to achieve better contact with the road. And some vehicles use “run-flat” tires, which can be deflated, and which appear to be inflated even when the air is low. Even the tires of new vehicles lose air over time. So pay special attention to the tire pressure warning light on the dashboard and do your own manual verification with a meter.

Even new cars can have defective or burned out bulbs. Turn on the lights when you are in a parking lot or against a wall or a parked vehicle. If the lights work, you will see them reflected. Or ask a friend to walk around the car while you turn on the lights, including the winkers. Put the car in reverse (with the brake firmly on, of course) to check if the taillights work.

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A quick visual inspection tells you if there are puddles or spots under the vehicle. In newer cars, it is likely to be simply a condensation from the use of air conditioning. But it could also be a serious safety problem if the leakage is, for example, brake fluid, antifreeze or transmission fluid. In case of doubt, take the car to the mechanic.

Wiper washer
Turn them on. Do they work? Do not forget the rear window wiper if you have an SUV or van, or one of the rear-door sedans that have a windshield wiper on the rear window. Spray cleaning liquid on the glass while you operate the windscreen wipers so that they clean the glass and do not dirty it. The windshield wipers can deteriorate quickly, especially in cars that are left outdoors.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Template

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Warning lights
When the key is turned, the warning lights on the board light up briefly, then turn off. But if one stays on, something is wrong with the system that is being verified and you are likely to need the mechanic. Verification systems include: airbags, anti-lock brakes, tire pressure, assistance to stay in the lane and braking assistance. It is worth paying attention to the service reminders and in light of “checking the engine”, which could indicate something as simple as the gas cap is loose.

You are already careful with the pressure of the tire, but now that the rubber has some miles on it, do not ignore the tread. Place a penny coin face down in the slot. If you see Lincoln’s full head, you’ll need new tires soon. Or purchase a depth gauge from the band at a parts store. It is not safe if the depth is less than 1/16 of an inch; and illegal in most states.

Management systems can develop problems over time. Fortunately, there is a warning light on the board for the steering system. The electric power steering is increasingly common, which eliminates some problems with hydraulic fluids and transmission belts. Cars with traditional power steering, not electric, may leak fluid or squeal if the belt is loose or worn.

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New car batteries usually need to be replaced when they turn four, or about the time most of the warranties on new cars expire. If the car is left outdoors in extreme weather, it could wear out sooner. The most you can expect is five or six years, says Yourmechanic.com. An exhausted battery means that the car does not start, and that could possibly leave you stranded in one place or put you in an unsafe situation.

They usually check liquids when they take the car for a routine service in the autosales. When the warranty expires, you could go to a different workshop. Make sure that fluid checks continue to be made and that they include windshield fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and oil. If you wish, you can check the oil levels, the automatic transmission fluid and the windscreen wiper fluid.

Roadside Assistance
Once your car’s warranty expires, get your own roadside assistance so you do not get stuck in bad weather or in the middle of nowhere. They send help, for example, if you run out of gas, you get a flat tire, you need an engine start or a trailer. Coverage is offered through your auto insurance policy or through other providers, such as AARP at aarproadside.com (in English).


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