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Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet

Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet – Once the new organization of the Naval Aviation with three squadrons, the Manta Air Station, the Guayaquil Air Station and the Maintenance Squadron materialized, the aircraft were assigned to the Operative deals that are the Aeronavial Stations, for which reason they were create Aircraft Maintenance Departments in these distributions, which must comply with different levels of aircraft maintenance, therefore in this manual we will refer to the aircraft of the Naval Aviation because it is the top distribution and that encompasses the entire structure of aviation of the Ecuadorian Navy.

Since these distributions are located in different geographic locations, under different Commands and even with units added to Surface Units or other Navy distributions, it is necessary to determine the scope of each maintenance structure, standardizing terms, concepts, manuals, technical publications or technical orders, support equipment, inspections, quality control, special procedures, plans, reports, planning and more elements that are part of these structures, and that are also used in the processes and maintenance management, as well as air material directly employed in the works or in support of these.

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Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet


The conception of this Aircraft Maintenance Management Manual offers a clear determination of the maintenance tasks that must be fulfilled in the aircraft assigned to each Squadron, at the same time that it can be applied in the training of aviation mechanics, as text basic instruction of the Naval Aviation School.

In Naval Aviation, a document has not been written that compiles all the concepts, assigned tasks and even procedures that must be fulfilled in the organizations dedicated to maintain air units or aeronautical material, which must also be according to the requirements and capacities of the distributions subordinated to the Naval Aviation Command, with which the initial base of the practical theoretical organization of the structure dedicated to the maintenance of aircraft can be established.

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Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet


The purpose of this Manual is to establish the standards, scopes, guidelines, procedures and all theoretical and practical aspects that regulate aircraft maintenance tasks in Naval Aviation and its subordinate distributions.

Similarly, it seeks to provide a document that serves as the base for the Naval Aviation School, in the training of Naval Aviation technical personnel.

Since this Manual is the starting point for documenting the maintenance activities in the aircraft of the Ecuadorian Navy, modifications and / or changes should be made once the current contents or organization suffer alterations, as well as new writings may be included. that contribute to the continuous improvement of this maintenance system, which should be registered in the respective formats included in this manual, in such a way to be permanently the useful tool and guide to remember and consolidate not only the theoretical concepts but fundamentally the assignment of responsibilities

The final intention is not other than to improve the processes, avoiding restricting the freedoms of action, or an inadequate allocation of tasks, for the administration by “uses and customs” easy to lose in the long term, and must be one of the aspects to consider in each of the contributions made later.

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Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet


Maintenance Squadron (ESCMAN)
This is the division responsible for the decision making of a technical nature in the maintenance of aircraft, this is the organ of the maintenance structure that regulates, standardizes and standardizes all the activities that aircraft maintenance is required to fulfill, as such way of being in a certain way the Technical Authority in terms of aircraft in the Ecuadorian Navy.

In figure 02, we can observe the internal organization of the ESCMAN, in which it is appreciated that it has all the dependencies required to carry out the maintenance work of its level, to control and ensure the quality of the work carried out by the Aeronautical Stations, In spite of not doing them directly, regulating the tasks of quality control and passing planned or unplanned journals to the maintenance works of the Aeronavales Stations, in order to ensure, control direct and guide the quality in the fulfillment of the maintenance tasks in the aeronautical material assigned to the distributions subordinated to COAVNA.

Naval Stations of Manta and Guayaquil
As can be seen in the charts of the flow charts of the Manta and Guayaquil Aircraft Stations, (figure 03 and 04 respectively) have a Maintenance Department, which is responsible for carrying out the maintenance tasks of aircraft and equipment. aerospace assigned.


Almost all the equipment, components and accessories used in the aircraft of the Naval Aviation, demand the application of a special system of scheduled maintenance, requiring a strict control of its cycle of reconditioning and / or limit of useful life.

ROTABLE.– This material has the quality of being interchangeable, which means that it can be installed in different aircraft or be transferred from one aircraft to another, being necessary an additional administrative control, it is considered as replacement options the use of a new equipment or a previously not reconditioned.

The concept of rotable is used for the following considerations:

  • Ensure the continuity of operation of the system to which the equipment, component and / or accessory belongs, while the equivalent element is under repair in, in the workshops of ESCMAN, ESANMA or in a technical entity authorized in the country or abroad. This is defined as the concept of a considerable maintenance versus operation time ratio.
  • Ensure during the inspection of a particular aircraft, that the planned maintenance time is fulfilled according to the estimated planning of the ESCMAN or the Maintenance Departments of the Aeronavial Stations, allowing a greater repair time for certain elements in particular. This is defined as “repair time versus periodical inspection time of the aircraft”.

REPARABLE.– The concept of repairable equipment is used that is considered that actions can be executed to correct defects punctually, applying partial or total disarmament and replacing parts. In general, it does not elevate the performance, but rather returns it to the conditions or standards of operation prior to the failure.
RECOVERABLE.– This concept is used when seeking to periodically return a piece of equipment or system to its design operation conditions, implying for this the complete disarmament, review of parts, and change of all those parts that do not comply with the required technical specifications, are defective, are out of tolerances or are unreliable.


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